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Your Vision is Our Passion

Updated: Mar 5

Welcome to Mango Optic in Boca Raton. We embarked on this journey to help people see, look, and feel the best they can. After all, vision is such a vital sense that impacts virtually every aspect of our daily lives, and is responsible for most of the information we absorb from our five combined senses.

At Mango Optic, your vision is our passion. But, what exactly does this mean? It means that we are passionate about helping you see the best you can so you can enjoy life to the fullest. It's about helping you see the finer details of your child's soccer moves, or next school project. Better vision care can impact your life in so many positive ways - from helping you enjoy that Netflix series without the constant squinting and straining of your eyes, to working in a safer, more productive manner. So while, we are also eyewear design fashionistas, our top priority is to provide you, our valued patient, with convenient access to the highest quality vision care for your family.

Teleoptometry Eye Exams 6 Days a Week

When visiting most optical shops, chances are the optometrist will not be available to perform a vision exam that same day. It is not uncommon to wait two weeks to get an eye exam with an optometrist. Through our partnership with 20/20 Now, a national leader in teleoptometry, we will provide comprehensive eye exams 6 days a week. At Mango Optic, the optometrist will "always be in!" For busy parents and professionals, this means shorter wait times, and faster turn-arounds for vision prescriptions, prescription glasses and contact lenses. At Mango Optic, we will also welcome walk-ins, bringing accessibility to another level. Powered by cutting-edge technology, our eye exam includes the following tests/assessments:

  • Ocular Alignment and Motility

  • Pupil Function

  • Color Vision

  • Anterior Segment of the Eye; using Digital Slit Lamp images & videos

  • Non-Contact Tonometry to test eye pressure

  • Visual Field Testing to measure peripheral vision

  • Fundus Photography to analyze the retina and optic nerve

Luxury and Premium Eyewear at Great Prices

Mango Optic will serve as the destination for brand savvy customers who seek the latest fashions and great value. We carry curated collections of eyewear from iconic brands for women, men, and children. Each frame was hand-selected with our customers in mind, ensuring that they are not only eye-catching, but of the highest quality.

Customer Service that Wows!

Your needs are at the center of everything we do. Mango Optic is distinguished for providing the most exceptional patient experience possible in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Our team of opticians and frame specialists will treat you with the courtesy, professionalism, and respect you deserve.

So when you come in, you'll be able to sip on our complimentary Brazilian coffee, and experience the Mango Optic difference .

Virtual Shopping Experience

Customers will love Mango Optic's digital shopping experience. We will offer virtual try-ons on our entire collection either online using your phone, tablet, or desktop, Pre-select 3 frames prior to your eye-exam so you can see how they look in real-time. Online scheduling, our digital patient intake process, and electronic health records will save you time, and offer you a more seamless experience.

Our family looks forward to serving you at our new Boca Raton location at Lakeside Centre, next to Marshall's at 8184 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434.

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