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Why Choose Our Digital Eye Exams? 


"Latest Technology Combined with an Exceptional In-Person Experience"

Convenience! Get an Eye Exam 6 Days a Week

Our in-office digital eye exams include virtual consultations with Board-Certified Optometrists and are super convenient. This means increased access to high-quality exams, whenever you need it, and whenever we are open.  Above all, you can order your glasses and contacts the same day, and walk-ins are accepted at Mango Optic.


More Comprehensive Than Most Eye Exams

The exam consists of a non-dilated comprehensive exam, objective and subjective refraction, and eye health testing. It combines high-tech optical imaging equipment, software, real-time HD video conference, and FDA-approved Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.


AI technology Can Detect Treatable Eye Diseases Earlier

Our exams use proprietary scientific algorithms to provide a thorough and highly accurate exam, and FDA approved AI to provide early diagnosis of critical eye disease. AI enhances the patient’s retinal images to detect diabetic retinopathy in its early stages when it’s most treatable.


A Friendly On-site Optical Technician Guides You Throughout the Entire Exam!

We get it. Eye exams can be full of jargon. We break it down for you, and explain exactly what we are doing each step of the way in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Our goal is to make the eye exam as thorough and enjoyable as possible!

Eye Test

Our 7-Step Comprehensive
Digital Eye Exam

Interested in learning more about our comprehensive digital eye exams? Click the link below to learn more about what you can expect during each step!

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